Hearing Aids in Port Orange, Florida

Taylor & Associated Hearing provides an assortment of customized hearing products that can be adjusted to fit your lifestyle.

Halo hearing aids in Port Orange, Florida

Halo Hearing Aids

Halo products are advanced hearing aids that enhance noise reduction and your ability to hear in today's ever changing environment. In addition, they can be paired with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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Starkey 3 Series hearing aids in Port Orange, Florida

Starkey 3 Series Hearing Aids

This particular series has wireless technology that makes it easier to hear sounds in noisier areas. They stream sound straight from televisions, computers and radios and go directly into your hearing aid. These products were made specifically help patients hear in noisier environments. When people around them speak, they can hear clearly because of noise reduction technology.

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Starkey Ignite hearing aids in Port Orange, Florida

Ignite Hearing Aids

This series of hearing devices is for the patient who needs a budget friendly option that does not skimp on quality. This hearing aid can pick up on various sounds and soften them in louder environments. This makes the listening experience much better for the user. This is because it can amplify a person's speech and get rid of unnecessary background noise because it has great noise reduction features.

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Xeno hearing aids in Port Orange, Florida

Xino Hearing Aids

These are tiny hearing aids, but they are big on sound. Not only are they made with the most advanced technology, but they are so small that no one can tell that you are wearing them.

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Otolens hearing aids in Port Orange, Florida

Otolens Hearing Aids

If you don't want anyone to see your hearing aid, the Oto Lens is ideal for you. Not only does it fit nicely in the ear canal, but it's also made with the latest technology. It was the first invisible hearing aid on the market. After it is activated during your office visit, you may forget that you are wearing it. It was made to be invisible, but designers also had comfort in mind. This hearing aid has a high popularity rating, and it is also very efficient when it comes to noise reduction.

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Oticon Alta hearing aids in Port Orange, Florida

Oticon Alta Hearing Aids

This hearing device was created to provide enhanced clarity, connectivity and directionality. Customize it so that it is more suitable for your personal needs.

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Oticon Nera hearing aids in Port Orange, Florida

Oticon Nera Hearing Aids

This is a highly advance mid-level hearing aid. It can adjust to your particular hearing level and listening needs. It enhances noise reduction and allows you to hear more, even when you are in noisy settings.

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Oticon Ino hearing aids in Port Orange, Florida

Oticon Ino Hearing Aids

This little hearing aid is very budget friendly. It comes in many different colors and styles, and it has automatic operation capabilities. Not only can it amply sounds, but it can cut back on unnecessary back noises. It also makes it easier for you to concentrate on the speech patterns of others.

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