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4 Tests for Early Detection of Hearing Loss in Port Orange, FL

June 29, 2016

Hearing loss effects all ages in Port Orange, FL

To anyone that is dealing with a hearing loss issue, truly better than a pound of cure is one ounce of prevention. The prognosis is far better, the earlier one detects the illness. For those however that the illness has already afflicted, there are tests conducted to see if there has been improvement made and if the treatments offered have had any positive effect. This is true in Port Orange, FL, and throughout the state of FL and elsewhere.

Hearing loss can be tested for at all ages in Port Orange, FL

Also for babies, hearing tests are conducted. These can be somewhat trying because the babies aren't able to voice opinions. making it more trying for doctors dealing with the problem. This is why it is so important babies be monitored early to see if there is any interference in their development of cognitive abilities or speech development. In Port Orange, FL, and throughout the state of FL there are good doctors conducting these tests and attending to the issues of hearing loss.

On children of school age, these hearing loss tests are also vital. Obviously, hearing is such an integral part of the learning process. Learning can and will be impaired by hearing loss in a child. In Port Orange, FL, and truly throughout the state of FL, tests are conducted so that the proper actions may be taken if required.

The type and the severity of those suspected of having hearing loss can be established and detected. Doing so allows the person affected to receive proper medication and treatment. In Port Orange, FL, there are several excellent choices for one to pursue to get the hearing tests and treatment they require. Among those tests are:

The Weber Hearing Loss Test

One of the most basic tests given to detect loss of hearing, this test is named after Ernst Heinrich Weber. Two different types of hearing loss can be detected by this test: the unilateral sensorineural type and unilateral conductive loss of hearing.

A tuning fork is used in the Weber Test. To produce vibrations, the fork is struck on a surface. Then on the media lateral of the skull it is placed. If one ear hears the sound louder than the other, a person has unilateral conductive loss of hearing. The affected ear is the one that hears louder.

The Rinne Hearing Loss Test

A tuning fork is also used in the Rinne Test. The person that developed this test was Heinrich Adolf Rinne. How sound is perceived as conducted through the mastoid is what the Rinne Test does.

To produce vibrations, a tuning fork is struck. On the mastoid of a person, the fork stem is then stuck. The fork is then placed outside the ear when no sound can already be heard.

Even though the Rinne Test and the Webber Test have been proven effective, the hearing test called audiometry has proven even more so and is available in Port Orange, FL, as well as other locations in FL.

Audiometry Hearing Loss Testing

A person's hearing ability formal testing is what Audiometry is. The person's hearing level is measured with an audiometer. It may measure the person's ability to differentiate between different sound intensities, recognize pitch, or distinguish speech from background sounds. These results help determine other problems with the ear in addition to hearing loss.

A special soundproof room is required for this test. Also, it uses a device called an audiometer and not tuning forks.


To detect conductive hearing loss is the test Tympanometry. In addition, if the Rinne and Weber tests do not find anything, this test is used. It helps make certain that the path to the eardrum is blocked by nothing. If there are any doubts connected with any other tests, this is the final authority and is available in Port Orange, FL, as well as other locations in FL.

The eardrum's mobility is targeted by Tympanometry, along with the condition of the middle ear and the conduction of bones.

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